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Recovery Services

Impressive Business Collections and Credit Collection Services

When it comes to business collections and credit collection services, rely on Gini Debt Collection, located in the Metropolitan New York City area. A straightforward approach produces much higher recovery rates than traditional strong-arm tactics. Often, an account that seems destined for lengthy litigation may be resolved amicably through persuasive communication by one of our professionals. With Gini Debt collection you will avoid the non-contingent fees that are usually charged by Law Firms. With us, the only cost is the actual fees. Plus, companies find that our collection agency cost structure is more than reasonable.

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We'll Earn Your Loyalty Through Performance

We deal with past-due collections on a personalized, per-account basis. Unlike other services, we don't lock you into a binding, annual contract. We also don't require you to submit all of your accounts to us at a certain age or even make you commit to sending them all to us exclusively. Start collecting on your outstanding accounts by following these simple steps:

Fill out our application and submit it to us via email or fax.

Have a quick phone call with us to review all of the details.

Provide us with supporting documentation, like statements, invoices, or copies of returned checks.

Here are some of our satisfied clients.

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Stay Up-to-Date on Your Accounts

Be assured that when you work with Gini Debt Collection, we never make any actions you do not authorize. Your accounts are always promptly acknowledged, and an initial personal demand is made at once. Status reports are provided for individual accounts as development occurs, and no settlements are made with the debtor unless approved by you.

Quick and Thorough Results

No accounts are held in our office more than 30 days unless payment is in full or a definite schedule for payment is extracted to satisfy the balance due. If we cannot secure the debtor's cooperation within the 30-day period, we forward your account to a bonded attorney in the debtor's jurisdiction to protect your interests. Once forwarded, the attorney may charge a suit fee of up to 10%, but no suit commences without your authorization. If you discover an account is in bankruptcy, we gladly file a Proof of Claim for you at no charge.

Our agents excel at recovering past-due funds

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